General about TJOCKT fat yarns

All our fat yarns are slightly felted on the surface except Martta the Merino. The unique felting process makes the yarn more sturdy and not so delicate as those that are just roving-type yarns. Our yarns can be knitted normally and they can be washed in washing machine. We have developed our own fat yarn spinning machinery which allows us to spin our fat yarns as traditional thinner yarns. Our yarns are not just wool roving which is often sold as "fat yarn".

How thick are the yarns?


How much yarns in needed for different projects?

We are not able to give exact amounts because in the end there are many factors that have an effect on this. What size needles you use? Do you knit tight or loose? W give here some approximations that you can use when planning your project

Beanie: 250g of Fat&Sassy or 200g of Martta the Merino (1 skein)

Cowl: 250g of Fat&Sassy or 200g of Martta the Merino (1 skein)

Long scarf: 500g of Fat&Sassy, 200-600g of Martta the Merino (1-3 skeins)

Sweater: 800-1000g of Martta the Merino (4-5 skeins)

Pillow: (50cm*50cm) 1kg of Fat&Sassy

Lap blanket: (100cm*120cm): 1-1,5 kg Fat&Sassy

Medium blanket: (120cm*170cm): 3-5 kg of Fat&Sassy