Welcome to TJOCKT knits, knitting kits, yarns and needles. We are a specialist in super bulky yarns and extreme knitting. We manufacture these giant yarns ourselves in archipelago of Finland. We love ecological and natural wool. We don't use any chemicals or oils while processing the wool - wool is at its best when totally natural. We also make knitted textiles out of these giant yarns - interior textiles and accessories. All our knits and yarns are always 100% natural materials, they do not contain acryl, nailon or other manmade materials.


TJOCKT was born out of interest in superbulky yarns and love for wool. It all started with a search for big stitch yarn for a livingroom rug. After a search with very little results started enthusiastic development work of fat wool spinning devices and processes. After months of work we started to get the kind of yarn we wanted. And the knits - now we were finally able to make such knits we had been dreamig of. But we were not alone. When first pictures of our knits were released, we were overwhelmed with the enquiries for fat yarns. So we started to sell both - knits and yarns for those who want to create themselves.

All our yarns are luxurious high-quality products and they are pleasure to work with. Super bulky yarns give traditional knits new and trendy look which cannot be achieved by knitting lighter yarns multiplied. All our yarns are 100% natural materials. We are Finnish, we love Finland and we are proud to promote Finnish wool producers and raw materials. Finland is best known from natural, ecological and pure materials and high-quality finishing.


We welcome you to fall into love with pure wool, giant knits and superbulky yarns. If you don't find the weight, material or the colour you are looking for, contact us, we are happy to take in part in custom projects and development of new yarns and materials. We also do close cooperation with artisans, makers, designers and fashion stylists. We also occasionally sponsors art students, design and artisan students with materials-