Fat Chance Finn 1000g

Fat Chance Finn 1000g


Fat Chance Finn yarn is truly a giant yarn made of 100% natural coloured finnsheep's wool - no chemicals used. Yarn is slightly felted on the surface so you can use this yarns for rugs and other sturdy knits. You can also wash this yarn in washing machine. Yarn is spun in Finland and the raw material comes from Finland too - yarn is 100% Finnish. This wool is as warm as it gets and super soft. With these natural colour giant yarns you are able to create the most inspiring knits and interior textiles. Ideal for almost anything!

Needles: 25-28mm (US 50 or more)

Gauge: 3 sts = 10 cm (4 inches)

1kg of yarn equals about 100 meters (2,2lbs equals about 382 ft)

Washing: cold water, hand wash

Made in Finland

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